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Top Triathlete Team was my coach when I first decided to move from sedentarism to being a triathlete. Step by step he managed to lead me towards my goal, building physical and emotional strength, always careful to help me avoid injuries and fitting training sessions into my professional and family life. Not satisfied, he ran my first triathlon by my side, and we crossed the finish line together. Sometimes we do things in life that seem simple and easy for us, but we cannot imagine the huge impact it can have on other people’s life. I believe that is probably the case. It was so light and natural to him – as if it was a gift. But to me, those years of training together were a life changer. No doubt this coach is gifted when it comes to managing people, delivering the right doses of information at the right time, pushing limits, respecting boundaries, setting priorities and building relationships. I believe his family background, together with his career in the army and his track record on sports have made him a differentiated chap. These unique characteristics will make him successful in any role he gets engaged in.

Luciano Grandi Pantuso - M&A and Investment Director at bLive

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